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City of Bangor Meeting Broadcasts

View recorded City Council & committee meetings


The City of Bangor records and broadcasts public meetings that take place in Council Chambers (temporarily located at 262 Harlow St, Bangor as of 12/18/23). To offer greater accessibility, we will continue broadcasting some meetings through Zoom. For these meetings the public can participate in person or virtually by Zoom, which will allow the public to attend without gathering in the Council Chambers. Allow your computer to install the free Zoom app to get the best meeting experience. If you have a mobile device and have not previously used Zoom, you may be asked to download the free app. On a desktop, it may also take a moment to install Zoom.  

Links to Zoom meetings are available on the online meeting calendarTo access meetings through Zoom, click on the link attached to each calendar event.

If you wish to comment during the Zoom session, you will need to use the "raise your hand" feature. You will be un-muted by the host when it is time for public comment. Some Zoom meetings will not allow for public comment, and this will be noted in the calendar event on the City calendar.

Click here to view an updated version of our Remote Meeting Policy.

You can also watch some meetings live via the City of Bangor's YouTube page. Comments that are posted on the YouTube livestream are not monitored during the meeting. If you are unable to access Zoom and wish to send your questions and concerns to City staff and City Councilors, contact information can be found on the City Directory.

Meetings can be viewed online within a day or two after the original broadcast.  

The City of Bangor is working to make public meetings more accessible to those who wish to participate. In an effort to remove barriers, closed captioning has been enabled for all meetings that are broadcast via livestream on the City’s YouTube page. Closed captioning is viewable in real time, as well as on the recorded broadcasts. There is no need to change your personal settings to see that closed captioning. As with most technology, while closed captions are mostly accurate, there is always a margin of error expected, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

To enable closed captioning while viewing recorded meetings, you will need to enable captions by clicking the CC icon in the bottom right of the video screen.

(Closed captioning of meetings began 4/13/2021 and may not be viewable for meetings recorded prior to that date.) 


There are a variety of options to watch meetings live on local TV and online, as well as streaming videos after they happen. Some options may not be available for certain meetings; see the online meeting calendar for more information on particular meetings. If, due to technical difficulties or otherwise, one of the options above does not appear to be working, please try another option.

Meetings are re-broadcast to the Government Channel, which is local channel 1303 for those in Bangor. If you are a Spectrum customer and cannot view these channels, please contact Spectrum at 1-855-286-1736 for assistance.