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7/5/2023 - Bangor City Council Awards Cultural Development Recommended Grants

For Immediate Release – July 5, 2023

Contact: Aubrae Filipiak, Commission on Cultural Development Chair
              (845) 702-5480

            Anne Krieg, Development Director
(207) 992-4281

                              Bangor City Council Awards Cultural Development Recommended Grants

On June 12, 2023, the Bangor City Council unanimously approved a grant of $4,000 to Bangor Beautiful, Inc. for their large, bee-themed mural project in downtown Bangor. The mural is being painted this summer by Matthew Willey as part of his global mural project entitled The Good of the Hive. His goal is to hand paint 50,000 honeybees, the number in a healthy, thriving hive. Matthew has painted bee murals all over the world, including at the Smithsonian, and Bangor is excited to be a part of this project which includes an outreach component to encourage people to take action to help save the bees. The three-story mural will be located on the side of 47 Park Street next to Pepino’s restaurant and behind Bangor City Hall.

The driving force behind this exciting project is the City of Bangor’s Commission on Cultural Development which plays an important role in supporting, promoting, and preserving arts and culture in Bangor. The Commission’s dedicated volunteers are charged with furthering the arts, providing an opportunity for working artists and cultural institutions, and ensuring that access to art events and exhibits remain equitable to all citizens and visitors to Bangor. The Commission is also striving to cement Bangor’s status as the artistic and cultural hub of eastern and northern Maine. Commission Chair Aubrae Filipiak said, “I am thrilled that we were able to provide financial support for this project and eagerly await its completion. And I look forward to the opportunity to promote this mural as just one of the many pieces of culture in our downtown that spark conversation and change.”

In addition to the Good of the Hive Project, the City Council also approved Commission on Cultural Development-recommended grants for the Maine Academy of Modern Music and artist Linda Packard during their June 12, 2023 meeting. Grants are awarded twice per year, and both individuals and organizations are encouraged to apply. Applications can be found on the Commission’s page within the City of Bangor website found here:  




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