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1/29/2015 - Plowing or pushing snow into the roadway or sidewalk is prohibited - please help us keep pedestrians safe
As with all snow storms moving snow and finding a place for it becomes a challenge. What has become a frequent issue this winter is the blocking of sidewalks by snow, plowed from parking lots and private driveways. The blocking of the sidewalk with snow creates a safety hazard for those walking on the sidewalk and a substantial expense for the City when crews must return to the previously plowed sidewalk and again clear the snow deposited by a private plow truck operator.

The City code requires that business owners maintain the sidewalk in front of or adjacent to their building or property to include snow and ice removal. Business owners are reminded that they are responsible for cleaning up the snow deposited upon City of Bangor sidewalks, roadways and alleys by their plow truck operator. Private homeowners can also be held responsible for placing snow and or ice in the roadway or upon the sidewalk.

The Bangor Police Department and Bangor Public Works Department will be working together to make certain our roadways and sidewalks are clear of snow and ice. We remind folks that overnight parking on any City street, including downtown when a parking ban is posted, is prohibited during the winter months. We also remind business owners, plow truck operators and home owners that plowing or pushing snow into the roadway or onto a sidewalk is prohibited.