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1/5/2023 - City of Bangor Installs New Public EV Chargers



Contact:  Courtney O’Donnell – Assistant City Manager, City of Bangor
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Anja Collette – Planning Analyst, City of Bangor Planning Division
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City of Bangor Installs New Public EV Chargers

BANGOR, Maine – Two new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have been installed and are now available for the public to use. One of the two chargers is located at the Abbot Square parking lot, across from the Bangor Public Library, and the other can be found just inside of the Pickering Square Parking Garage.

The City of Bangor has been working to install these chargers since receiving funding from the State under the Community Action Grant program. This program allocates up to $50,000 to municipal and tribal governments across the state to implement a variety of actions to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, as well as create more resiliency to future impacts from climate change. The actions proposed are in alignment with the State’s climate action plan, “Maine Won’t Wait.”

The addition of the new charging stations brings the total number of City-provided stations up to four (4), with each station having the ability to charge two (2) cars at the same time. There is one existing station behind the gate at the Pickering Square Parking Garage on the second floor (currently out of use, but is expected to be available again in the short term) and two (2) in the parking lot of the Cross Insurance Center (CIC). The CIC chargers are generally available to the public, unless there is an event in which access may be restricted.

Users of the stations behind the gate at the parking garage and in the Abbot Square Parking Lot will not be charged for electricity usage, but will have to pay for parking, whereas the new chargers just inside the entrance of the parking garage will be for permit holders only between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. All of the chargers can be located on the app PlugShare, which helps EV users find charging stations.



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