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4/21/2022 - City of Bangor Announces Water Main Installation on Water Street, Including Intersection with Main Street



For Immediate Release - April 21, 2022

Contact: John Theriault - City Engineer

(207) 992-4249 -


City of Bangor Announces Water Main Installation on Water Street, Including Intersection with Main Street

BANGOR, Maine - Dear Bangor Residents and Property Owners,

In conjunction with a sewer replacement and street reconstruction project led by the City of Bangor, Bangor Water District (BWD) will be replacing approximately 500 feet of water main along Water Street in Bangor. A summary of the work is as follows:

  • The work is mainly limited to Water Street from Main Street to the Pickering Square Parking Garage. Vehicular traffic and parking will be impacted at various times, and you will be notified of planned water service interruptions (see below).
  • Due to a recently discovered inoperable valve, BWD will need to replace pipe fittings in Main Street, requiring an interruption in water service to the section of Main Street generally between Union Street and West Market Square. Notifications will be hand delivered to the specific buildings that will be impacted. We have attempted to time this temporary loss of service during a period with the least aggregate impact to the area. The work is scheduled for Monday night, April 25, with the shutdown beginning around 9:30 PM and restoration of service to occur early in the morning of April 26. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the restoration of service should occur prior to 6:00 AM.
  • There will several other but more localized service interruptions as work progresses and connections are made to the new main. The affected buildings to be interrupted will also receive hand delivered notifications, generally at least 48 hours prior to the interruptions. Severe weather can occasionally delay a planned service interruption but we will do our best to keep impacted customers (and/or their tenants) apprised of any necessary changes.
  • The work will be performed by a private contractor (Eastwood Construction), but BWD will have a representative on-site.
  • Please share this information with tenants, customers, and visitors to your building as soon as possible.


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