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3/29/2018 - Boil Water Order Lifted for Birch Hill Estates

Thursday, 3/29 Update: The boil water order is lifted for residents of Birch Hill Estates.  The City received the results from the second round of water testing which showed that no contamination was found at the test site locations.  Residents that have questions or concerns should call Birch Hill Estates at 207-942-6724.


Wednesday, 3/28 Update:The boil water order remains in effect. The good news is that the preliminary test results indicate no contamination was found in the test site locations. However, following best practice guidelines by the Maine Drinking Water Program, a second round of tests are required to confirm the quality and safety of the drinking water. The City is hopeful that those results will be available tomorrow. Again, the boil water order is still in effect. We will continue to keep you updated on the status of the boil water order through social media, our website and electronic signs.


Monday, 3/26 Update:  The boil water order for residents of Birch Hill Estates remains in effect.  Testing is taking place this week to ensure the quality and safety of the water.  If the results show the water is safe, the boil water order may be lifted as early as Friday, 3/30.  We will keep the public informed of the status of the boil water order via the City's social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter), website and electronic sign board.


At this time, The City of Bangor is issuing a Boil Water Order and advising the Residents of Birch Hill Estates that water may be contaminated. Residents are advised to bring water to a rolling boil for 1 minute prior to drinking, brushing teeth, washing food or consuming. Residents may receive drinking water at the Birch Hill Estates management office on site.

 The City of Bangor is aware that Birch Hill Estates has experienced a water leak within the private water lines of their park. Staff from our Code Enforcement office have been on site and are communicating with the residents about the situation. Birch Hill Estates has now hired a contractor to work on repairing the break. The City of Bangor Engineer and Code Enforcement staff are monitoring their progress and expect to have an update this afternoon. 

To ensure that every resident is notified, the City is distributing its own “Boil Water Order” documents to every residence in the park today. This directive is per the order of Steve Wilson, City of Bangor Code Enforcement Officer and Licensed Plumbing Inspector, and has been reviewed by the State Drinking Water Program.

Residents that have questions or concerns should call Birch Hill Estates by calling 207-942-6724. Further questions or concerns can be directed to the City of Bangor Code Enforcement Office at 992-4200.

The City will release any additional information as it becomes available. City Engineer John Theriault will be available for media interviews this afternoon.