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4/6/2017 - Funds remaining in EnergySmart Bangor program to help Bangor homeowners make energy efficiency improvements to their homes
Bangor, Maine: The EnergySmart Bangor program has funds remaining to help Bangor homeowners make energy efficiency improvements to their homes. The EnergySmart Bangor program began in July 2016 with a beginning fund balance of $140,000; the program has issued $100,000 in rebates thus far.

The $100,000 in EnergySmart Bangor rebates have helped 273 Bangor homeowners make energy efficiency upgrades to their homes by reducing the cost of the improvements. EnergySmart Bangor rebates are available for upgrades including insulation, supplemental heating systems, whole house heating systems and more. EnergySmart Bangor has helped modernize Bangor's housing stock with nearly $1.1 million in energy efficiency projects completed in Bangor homes over the past nine months. Furthermore, according to Efficiency Maine officials, there has been a significant participation increase in the agency's Home Energy Savings Program (HESP) by Bangor homeowners since EnergySmart Bangor began, despite a slight decrease in HESP activity statewide during the same period. During their Annual Energy Symposium earlier this year, Efficiency Maine recognized the Bangor City Council with an Innovation Award for outstanding contributions to energy efficiency in Maine.

Bangor homeowners of owner-occupied properties that qualify for Efficiency Maine's Home Energy Savings Program qualify for EnergySmart Bangor. The amount of EnergySmart Bangor rebates vary by project, but in many cases can nearly double the amount of rebates offered by Efficiency Maine. EnergySmart Bangor rebates are available while funds last through a rebate reservation system. To obtain a rebate reservation number, residents can email or call (207) 992-4284. Residents must provide their name, the physical address of the property receiving the upgrades, a quoted price from an Efficiency Maine registered vendor, the estimated installation date and a return phone number.

More information about the EnergySmart Bangor program along with rebate forms can be found online at: or by calling (207) 992-4284.