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3/15/2017 - City Assessor reminds residents that applications to various State of Maine tax exemption programs are due April 1

Three exemptions in the State of Maine exist for real property owners including Blind Persons Exemption, Homestead Exemption and Veteran Exemption. Applicants for the Veteran Exemption can include, in the case of a deceased veteran, a widowed spouse, minor child or widowed parent. The application deadline for these exemption programs is April 1, 2017.

Any approved exemption will reduce the annual tax bill for eligible real estate property owned by the applicant. For applications, please visit the City Assessor's webpage at If you have questions, please call the City Assessor's office at 207-992-4215.

Be sure to complete the application and include a copy of all required attachments. The completed applications can be submitted electronically by emailing, mailed to: City Assessor's Office, 73 Harlow St., Bangor ME 04401, or dropped off at the City Assessor's office Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4:30 PM.

Additional information regarding these exemption programs is available on the State of Maine website at: