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8/22/2016 - Volunteers needed to fill a number of citizen board/committee vacancies





The Bangor City Council is seeking applicants to fill vacancies on the following citizen boards, commissions and advisory committees:


                                   BOARD NAME                                                          # OF VACANCIES

                                     BOARD OF APPEALS                                                                            3

                                   BOARD OF ASSESSMENT REVIEW                                                     2

                                   BOARD OF ETHICS                                                                              2

                                   COMMISSION ON CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT                                    3

                                   DOWNTOWN PARKING ADVISORY GROUP                                         3

                                   FIREARMS DISCHARGE COMMITTEE                                                  5

                                   HERSEY FUND TRUSTEES                                                                   1

                                   HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION                                           2

                                   HOUSING AUTHORITY COMMISSION                                                  1

                                   PARKS & RECREATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE                                3

                                   PENJAJAWOC MARSH / MALL MANAGEMENT COMMISSION             7

                                   PLANNING BOARD                                                                               3

                                   SOPHIA KIRSTEIN STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP FUND TRUSTEES         1

                                   STORMWATER CITIZEN REVIEW PANEL                                             5

                                   TREE BOARD                                                                                        3

                                   URBAN RENEWAL AUTHORITY                                                           3

                                   WATER DISTRICT TRUSTEES                                                              3



If interested in any of these positions, please submit an application to the City Clerk’s office by September 6, 2016. Applications are available on-line at or at the City Clerk’s office, 73 Harlow Street, Bangor ME 04401.


August 6, 2016                                                                                                                    Lisa J. Goodwin, City Clerk