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7/22/2016 - The City of Bangor becomes the 100th Age-Friendly Community in the United States

The City of Bangor announces that it is the 100th AARP designated Age-Friendly Community in the United States.  The designation from AARP recognizes the City’s commitment to improve the quality of life of its residents, regardless of age.   To become an AARP Age-Friendly Community, the City committed to developing and submitting a community action plan to implement age-friendly changes to AARP within the next year.  To assist in the development of the community action plan, the City established a steering committee and will hold a number of focus groups with residents to explore age-friendly initiatives.  Areas to be addressed include transportation, recreation, housing, healthcare and social engagement. 


 “I’m very pleased with the forward-thinking approach AARP has taken,” says Council Chair Sean Faircloth, “The goal is to set our sights high and aspire to earn a national reputation for Bangor as one of the best small cities in the United States.  It greatly benefits older and younger people to work together as our goals so often overlap.”


The Age-Friendly Community designation from AARP follows recognition from the organization and Forbes Magazine naming Bangor as one of the best places to retire to in the United States, citing affordable housing, the variety of nearby recreational and entertainment attractions, and low crime rates.  These factors appeal to all residents regardless of age.


 “This is an exciting opportunity for Bangor,” says Patty Hamilton, Director of the City’s Health and Community Services department, “joining the Age-Friendly Community network allows us to benefit from learning what is happening across the nation and bring new ideas and projects to our community in support of seniors.  We know that policies that support seniors also support young families and these initiatives can help prepare Bangor for the future.”


Bangor residents interested in participating in the steering committee or focus groups can contact Patty Hamilton at or (207) 992-4550.