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6/6/2016 - City of Bangor Begins Important Project to Renovate and Repair "Biotower" on Main Street

For Immediate Release

June 6, 2016

Contact: Andy Rudzinski

Director, Department of Water Quality



City of Bangor Begins Important Project to Renovate and Repair "Biotower" on Main Street

The purpose of this notice is to inform you that the City of Bangor WWTP is beginning an important project to renovate and repair the "Biotower" at 760 Main St. There have been several news articles about this vitally necessary work that you may have seen recently. The project is scheduled to begin in earnest the week of June 6th, and will continue throughout the summer months.

Because we value you as neighbors and are committed to maintain our good relations, we want you to know during the time the project is underway it is anticipated there will be no disruption of sewer service or wastewater treatment. That being said, there may times when odors may become apparent. At worst, these may be reminiscent of an earthy tone, similar to low tide along the coast. We apologize in advance and ask your patience. Please be assured, we will do everything within our ability to minimize the intensity and duration of such occurrences. You may also notice an increase in truck traffic at certain times as well. Again, we will attempt to minimize any inconvenience to our neighbors.

Our service to the sewer rate payers of the City and Hampden is a matter of pride to our employees, and we at the Department of Water Quality strive to maintain the highest standards of service to you all. Please understand that this work is needed to continue that service. We will accomplish the work as efficiently as possible, while minimizing any impact to your lives.

On behalf of all the employees of the Department of Water Quality, I thank you kindly for your understanding and forbearance in advance. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the WWTP, 992-4470.

My staff and I are at your service.

Andy Rudzinski
Director, Department of Water Quality


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