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2/29/2016 - Special City Council Meeting Tonight to Determine Post 2018 Waste Disposal

Tonight, at 5:30 PM, the Bangor City Council will decide whether to authorize the execution of an agreement with the Municipal Review Committee (MRC) regarding the disposal of solid waste after 2018. Currently, Bangor is one of 187 municipalities that send designated solid waste to the PERC facility located in Orrington.  The current agreement with PERC terminates December 31, 2018, necessitating planning for the disposal of waste post 2018.

After extensive evaluation, the MRC recommends that Bangor and other member municipalities participate in an agreement to dispose solid waste at a Fiberight facility to be constructed in Hampden.  

If the agreement with the MRC is approved, all designated solid waste in Bangor will be sent to this new Fiberight facility.

For more information, please review the meeting agenda and additional background materials regarding post 2018 waste options compiled by the City.