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5/14/2024 - City of Bangor introduces new fixed-stop routes for Community Connector


For immediate release: May 14, 2024

Contact: Laurie Linscott
Bus Superintendent
Telephone: 207-992-4672

City of Bangor introduces new fixed-stop routes for Community Connector 


BANGOR, Maine – After a years-long planning effort, the Community Connector is kicking off its transition to fixed stops across its entire system. In an effort to improve customer service by providing better on-time performance and reliability, the Community Connector transit system will transition beginning on June 3, 2024, to a fixed-stop system where passengers will be picked up at designated bus stops. It is important to note that route names have also changed. Visit this link for instructions to understand new bus stops and route names.

There will be a transition period of seven months whereby people wishing to catch a bus will be encouraged to find their closest designated bus stop but will still be allowed to flag down a bus. When reaching a destination, stops will be at the designated stop locations. Beginning January 2025, flag stops will no longer be allowed across the system. We hope this period will help aid riders in understanding the changes to ensure a smooth transition to fixed stops. More than 300 bus stops have been installed across the service area. The fixed stops were identified on each route based on current behavior, density, available infrastructure and other factors in accordance with established guidelines. There may be factors like daily boarding activity that will lead Community Connector to later add, or reduce, the number of stops.

Among other improvements, the move to fixed stops will allow for the implementation of technologies for things like real-time travel information, mobile access and automated passenger counting. In addition to the commitment to improving the passenger experience, the transition to fixed stops also was driven by a desire to encourage new riders who may have had difficulty determining where and when to catch a bus, and on-time performance affected by unpredictable stops. Community Connector staff also spent considerable time fielding phone calls from people asking the whereabouts of a bus or reporting that a bus had not stopped for them.

As we move forward, stops will be assessed and infrastructure will be built out. The type of stop offered in a particular area will depend on factors like daily boardings, proximity to activity centers and dependent populations. At the very least, each stop will be required to have a reflective bus sign and a landing area.

Community Connector is confident the transition to fixed stops will improve the riding experience for passengers. This is a new system for the Community Connector and so we appreciate the patience and understanding of our riders as we work through this transition.

The Community Connector is owned and operated by the City of Bangor and serves six municipalities: Bangor, Brewer, Hampden, Old Town, Orono and Veazie, in addition to the University of Maine.



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