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One of the City’s major planning tools is its zoning ordinance. This ordinance outlines the types of land uses permitted in various locations throughout the City. Zones range from single-family residential to high intensity commercial and industrial. The overall intent of zoning is to insure the compatibility of land uses throughout Bangor. Zoning also provides a measure of predictability to land owners or potential land owners by providing them with information regarding the types of uses permitted on their property as well as on surrounding properties. Potential property owners are advised to check both the City’s Zoning District Map and Comprehensive Plan to determine what types of development are currently allowed or may be allowed in the future.

A property owner may apply for a zone change by submitting a zone change application to the Planning Office, located on the second floor of Bangor City Hall, along with the established processing fee and a newspaper advertising fee. Any zone change request must comply with the provisions of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Once a zone change application has been received, it is placed on the City Council agenda for first reading and referral to the Planning Board where a public hearing is scheduled. Adjacent property owners are sent notices of the proposed change, and both opponents and proponents have the opportunity to speak at the public hearing. The Planning Board then makes a recommendation to the City Council based on the City’s Land Development Code and Comprehensive Plan. The City Council then votes to either approve or reject the proposed zone change request. If approved, the change becomes effective ten days after Council action.

Applicants and potential applicants are urged to meet with Planning staff in advance of any formal request for a zone change.

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