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Browntail Moth Winter Web Clipping Tool Loan Program

The City of Bangor Public Works Department has developed a tool loan program to help residents combat the browntail moth problem on their own properties. A pole pruner can be loaned for one week, at no charge, from Public Works.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Public Works Tool Loan Program. If these don’t answer your questions, feel free to call Public Works Customer Service at (207) 992-4500 or e-mail


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can borrow a tool from Public Works?

Only residents of Bangor may borrow the pole pruners. Proof of residency will be required.

What tools can be borrowed?

Extendable pole pruners.

How long can I keep them?

Pole pruners are only loaned to residents for one week.

How many pruners are available?

The City of Bangor has purchased 5 sets of pole pruners to start the program. If there is great interest, additional investments may be made in equipment.

How do I borrow a pole pruner?

Call (207) 992-4500, or stop by Public Works, to see if pole pruners are available for loan. If all pruners have already been loaned, you can put your name and contact information on a waiting list. As poles become available, residents will be called and allowed 24 hours to respond whether they still want to borrow a pruner. After 24 hours, Public Works will move on to the next person on the waiting list.

What if I don’t return the pole pruner in one week?

Pole pruners not returned in one week will result in the borrower being liable for $1/day fine. After 30 days, the pole pruner will be considered stolen and the borrower will be responsible for the full replacement cost.

What if I damage the pole pruner?

Damage from misuse or negligence will result in the resident being responsible for the full replacement cost.

Can I see a copy of the user agreement before I borrow one?

A copy of the loan agreement can be seen here.

I lost the operating instructions you gave me when I picked it up. Can I get another copy?

A copy of the operating instructions can be found here.

What tools can be borrowed?

Extendable pole pruners.


Identification of Browntail Moth Winter Webs

Browntail moth can often be confused with other, often beneficial, moth species. Here are some pictures to help you identify the different caterpillar webs you may encounter.


Browntail Moth Winter Web Nests


Eastern Tent Caterpillar Nest



Fall Webworm Nest


Forest Tent Caterpillar Nest


Spongy Moth Nest