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Rapid Renewal 

New registration if purchased through a State of Maine Dealership:
 please bring in the Blue Title Application (1995 and newer will require this form) , Bill of Sale, Exact Mileage, Current insurance card on the new vehicle, the Window Sticker (only if the vehicle is brand new, never been title before), and if transferring a set of plates the yellow registration on the vehicle you wish to transfer from, also if the vehicle is being leased we will need to see the signed lease agreement as well.


New Registration if purchased through private sale or an Out of State Dealer: 1995 and newer we will need the title signed over or if you have a loan and the title application was processed for you, the blue title application, the bill of sale (must list out year, make, model, VIN, buyer and sellers information as well as dated and purchase price)  , if transferring plates the yellow registration that is associated with the plates, window sticker (only if the vehicle is brand new, never been title before) and if the vehicle is leased we will need to see the signed lease agreement.


Renewal of registration: The yellow registration, exact mileage, and current proof of insurance (acceptable insurance to provide are the ID Cards, Binder or full policy.)


Boats/ATV/ Snowmobiles: For renewal we will need the registration number that was assigned to the machine at the time of registration or the last sticker number and year it was issued. For new registration, we will need the bill of sale. If the machine was purchased through a private sale please have the year, make, model, serial number, the buyer and the sellers information (if it is a boat please know the horsepower of the boat and the length of the boat). You must also provide a valid state of Maine ID.


Payments in the office are by cash, check, credit/debit cards. The City uses a third party vendor for credit/debit transactions and an additional fee will be added to the transaction total. The fee is based on the transaction amount and indicated before completion.

To visit the State of Maine's Rapid Renewal website, please click here.